Schools Accessibility Strategy and Accessibility Plans

Duty of schools

The Equality Act 2010 and related Equality Duty 2011 reiterate the duty on schools as laid out in the previous Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to produce an Accessibility Plan. The accompanying guidance for schools confirms that schools continue to have a duty to produce an Accessibility Plan.

Schools must implement Accessibility Plans, which are aimed at:

  • Increasing the extent to which disabled children can participate in the curriculum
  • Improving the physical environment of schools to enable disabled children to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided
  • Improving the availability of accessible information to disabled children.

Schools must have regard to the need to provide adequate resources for implementing plans and must regularly review them.

Duty of Islington Council

For the schools for which we are responsible, Islington Council must prepare an accessibility strategy based on the same principle as the accessibility plans for schools.

View Islington's Accessibility Strategy.

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