Young people in a school corridor

Career choices

At age 16

If you are in Year 11, you must stay in some kind of education or training until at least your 18th birthday - ‘Raising the Participation Age' (RPA). This means if you leave full-time learning you must take a job with training or an apprenticeship

At age 18 for higher education, a year out or a job

Get help and advice from Platform and Lift, including the Progress Team careers, advice and guidance services for young people. For further information look at the external and related services section.

The Progress Team

Find your nearest youth hub - including Lift and Platform

  • Progress Team at Lift - phone 0207 527 7031 or email

  • National Careers Service -  helpline 0800 100 900

The Islington Progress Pledge

Developed with the help of young people, the Progress Pledge sets out the support you can expect from the Progress Team, to help you find employment, education or training:

  • Careers guidance with our qualified advisers
  • Job coaching
  • Mock interviews
  • Support in English and maths up to Level 2
  • One-to-one support into education, a traineeship or apprenticeship, or employment
  • Up to 100 hours of work experience or volunteering
  • Help to access other support services

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