Help for New Parents in Islington

If you have just had a baby and need information about support and services available in your local area, contact Islington FIS (Family Information Service). Islington FIS helps families with children aged 0-25.

Useful links for new parents

1. Registering the birth of your child

2. New parents parking vouchers: all new parents living in Islington can apply for 40 hours of free visitor vouchers per child so that family and friends can park near your home. The vouchers are available to parents of new born and newly adopted children.

3. Activities and support for families with Under 5s at Bright Start Islington venues

4. Staying healthy: healthy start vouchers and vitamins; child health clinics

5. Money advice: Income Maximisation Team

6. Childcare: Islington FIS, Family Information Service

7. Things to do

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